1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
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​A Happy Easter Season to all.
As we enter the Easter Season and approach the great day of the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII on April 27th, I am reminded of the great courage both men showed in the face of the tenacious social, political and ecclesial unrest in their respective times.
I am reminded of the words of John Paul II when he said to Catholics and Christians everywhere, “Don’t be afraid”. They have echoed in my mind ever since he spoke them. But what exactly did he mean by them. Be not afraid of what?
Of course, the answer to the question comes in giving over your life to Christ. Allowing Jesus to lead and direct our lives. And of course this has major implications for us who live in contemporary society.
It means this: Be not afraid to live in a way that does not conform to the mores of modern life, to the conventions of society. Be not afraid to stand bravely in the face of accepted cultural currents, and know that the great persons of history achieved their greatness not by walking with the crowd but by walking the road less travelled.
We have been given the capacity and the power to do so by the very mysteries of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ we celebrate during Easter. Let us take note and grow in our knowledge of the great gifts and blessings that are ours when we take the risk of knowing Christ.
Yes indeed, Happy Easter and be not afraid…

God Bless,  Fr. John

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