1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
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March 13, 2015 

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Dear Friends,

​On behalf of all the clergy and staff we wish you a very Happy Easter Season. I know that the promise of spring after a cold and icy winter is most welcome to all of us. At times, it seems as though winter will never end, but spring does finally come, and so will the great promise of life with Him eternal.  
Recently, I caught a news item about Richard III who was King of England for a short time some 500 years ago. His remains had been lost in battle, but were miraculously discovered a couple of years ago. A full royal burial was given, finally after all these years. In Shakespeare’s play “Richard the Third”, King Richard says at the beginning of the play “Now is the winter of my discontent made glorious summer by the sun of York.” 
With God’s love, the numerous “spiritual winters” and struggles of this life will give way to an Eternal Springtime with God. This is the core of our belief in Jesus; that the struggles of life, both big and small, give birth to the promise of new life. 
I sincerely wish God’s blessings upon all of you for your examples of faith and for your generosity of time and talent. With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we continue to make good things happen for one another and for our community. 
With gratitude to be your Pastor, ---- Fr.John