1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567

1969 Crompond Road
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
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The Upper Room…
We all know well the story of how the Apostles locked themselves away after the Death of Jesus. They were afraid that they would also be killed for being His followers. Yet soon after, they received the Holy Spirit and cast all fear aside. They came dancing from the Upper Room to proclaim the great news of the Gospel that Jesus is Risen.  
With their coming forth from behind locked doors through the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Church is born. The Apostles went on to proclaim the gospel and brought many to Christ. Eventually each of them (with the exception of St. John), would give their lives for their preaching and beliefs.
The story has great relevance, of course, for the Church since it captures the moment that the Holy Spirit was gifted to the Apostles; a story we celebrate on Pentecost Sunday at the culmination of the Easter Season. 
The “upper room” also has great relevance for us personally as members of the Church and of this Parish, named Holy Spirit. We, like the Apostles, are called by God to unlock the doors to faith and give witness to the great event of Christ’s Resurrection. 
Our identity as parishioners is formed by the great gift of the Holy Spirit. Our challenge is to give a consistent witness by our participation in the Sacraments and our good works. May we enter more deeply, especially during this 50th Anniversary celebration of our Parish, into the meaning and breadth of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to each of us. 
Let us come forth from our own “personal” upper rooms, cast out all fear and proclaim the good news.
I’m grateful to the many from our Parish who already have.  
From my own upper room, God Bless. Fr. John